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My first post

By Olivier Anguenot
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January 21, 2021
1 min read

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Why that site?
My limits
My first post

It always begins by a first post. Here it is :-)

Why that site?

Good question!

I think, this is a place where I want to share interesting things around WebRTC. I developed a lot of applications on top of WebRTC but I never centralized my knowledge somewhere and so each time I have to develop a new one, I have to understand again how WebRTC works and to have a look in each application to remember how I did things…

In my opinion, that complexity is mainly due to the fact that as a Web developer, using the WebRTC technology is not so simple. The ECMAScript APIs are not so complicated to use but I need more skills that just software skills to build a stable application that can be used whatever the system or the network environment. I need to understand the low layer network protocols, the security, the codecs and what is an audio & video frame, etc… additionally to work on having my application working on the majority of browsers!


So, my objectives are pretty simple:

  • Describe some complicated parts or the pain points I experimented to share and discuss in order to understand better

  • Develop some tools around WebRTC that everybody could use to gain time and discover how to do things or how things work

My limits

As I explained, I’m a Web developer so I’m able to explain things that I can understand from an application point of view. I try to have a look to the WebRTC stack (I have installed it on my Mac) in order to understand how it works. And I follow the work done by the W3C to know where we are in term of WebRTC specifications and what could come. But that’s all at this time.

So, don’t hesitate to add comments if I made mistake or if some low levels explanations are missing. I don’t have perhaps the knowledge to be able to explain these things :-) But I continue to experiment and leverage my knowledge about WebRTC.




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