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Safari Tech Preview 137

December 23, 2021Articles 7 Min Read

Time to go deeper into the new Safari Tech Preview 137

WebRTC: API footprint

December 05, 2021Articles 4 Min Read

I continued to browse WebRTC API and to develop an application that shows me the diff. I hope to have something good now...

Best WebRTC Events and Conferences

October 29, 2021Articles 11 Min Read

This post is a recap of all interesting conferences I found regarding the WebRTC ecosystem. If you want to see and discuss with WebRTC engineers, this is where you have to go!

TurnCafe Part 1: A new side project

October 06, 2021Articles 5 Min Read

Some weeks ago, I started a new side project around Coturn to progress and understand better how to deploy it and how to monitor it. Here is the story around that project.

WebRTC: Do I need audio and video processing skills?

September 23, 2021Articles 7 Min Read

WebRTC APIs have evolved since the first day. More and more APIs are accessible and they allow to have a better control on the communication. This article focuses on the skills to learn around the media to be able to develop exciting features...

WebRTC on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and others on iOS

August 06, 2021Articles 10 Min Read

Starting iOS 14.3, it's now possible to use Chrome or an alternative WebRTC compliant browser to Safari to have audio and video calls with an iPad or an iPhone. It's a great improvement that will help us to build Web application on mobile devices.

Deep dive into Adapter.js

June 18, 2021Articles 10 Min Read

Following the previous article on the state of the art of WebRTC, I decided to have a deeper look to adapter.js in order to understand better how this library can help me

WebRTC JavaScript API state of the art - May'2021

May 23, 2021Articles 6 Min Read

WebRTC is design complete since 2017 but what does it mean for developers in 2021. Can we develop with closed eyes or should we still move step by step and have browser specific behaviors? In short, does it change something for us?

How Permissions APIs help managing the authorizations?

March 28, 2021Articles 6 Min Read

The W3C has published a working draft document about the Permissions API. These APIs allow to request the state of a permission and to know when that permission changes. How much is this information valuable?

Oups, I got an ICE Error 701!

March 15, 2021Articles 15 Min Read

The W3C ECMAScript API defines an event to handle issues during the ICE gathering process. But should your application handles these errors ? And if yes, what to do?

Integrate WebRTC in your existing Web Application

February 23, 2021Articles 11 Min Read

Calling WebRTC APIs from your Web Application is easy, integrating WebRTC in your codebase is not the same thing...

Create your WebRTC development environment

January 23, 2021Articles 14 Min Read

Developing a WebRTC applications requires more than just GIT, Studio Code and Chrome. This article highlights some of the requirements.

My first post

January 21, 2021Articles 1 Min Read

It always begins by a first post. Here it is :-)