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Find here some of the documentation I made around WebRTC

WebRTC API (v2 - May, 2022)

Open Source projects and tools

Here are some of the projects I work on. They are libraries that help me working on WebRTC
  • WebRTC-Stats: This JavaScript library collects the statistics from the WebRTC stack and provides some metrics for analyzing in real time or after the quality of a call.
  • JSONgle: This JavaScript library offers a JSON based signaling protocol for P2P and MUC based on Jingle.
  • JSONgle Server: This JavaScript library is the server part of the JSONgle library. It connects the peers together and transports the messages.
  • WebRTC-API Graph: This JavaScript library displays a graph representing the WebRTC JavaScript Object models and relations.

Want to contribute ?

Don't hesitate if you want to contribute to one of these projects, to pull a request, propose new features or just make remarks. Connect to me using Github!
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