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WebRTC is a wonderful technology that allows your application to connect people. Do you want to focus more on people and less on the technology, contact me to discuss your need.
Olivier Anguenot
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Hello, My name is Olivier Anguenot and I'm a Technical Leader at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. I'm accountable for helping our partners to develop their applications based on our growing UCaaS and CPaaS Rainbow platform or to develop application for them. I live in Strasbourg, France and I'm married and father of 2.
I'm a WebRTC specialist since 2012 when I developed my first WebRTC library called SonotoneJS which tried to make it easy to manipulate the SDP and to deliver it to the remote peer using an agnostic signaling protocol. Since that period, I developed a lot of libraries and tools around WebRTC.
In my free time, I help those who need help on:
  • WebRTC basic knowledge
  • Frontend WebRTC integration (Devices check, Statistics, audio & video signal)
  • Mobile integration (Native, React-Native, ...)
  • Third party SDK integration (Vonage, Twilio, ...)
  • System integration (Freeswitch)
  • Server side integration (Janus, BBB)
Recently, I started to develop my own service to monitor any media servers, signaling servers or relay servers called TurnCafe. TurnCafe gives me a live status as well as a complete check-up and usage.

Learn WebRTC

WebRTC is not just an HTML5 API to use. As it is a real time technology that deals with the media, the devices and the network, developing a robust solution takes time and requires skills. Contact me if you need guidance on WebRTC.

TurnCafe Beta

If you have deployed your own Turn server, a media server such as Jitsi or a signaling server and want to know more about the quality of the service you provide to your customers, contact me to be part of the TurnCafe beta program.

TurnCafe is a SaaS solution that monitors your servers, test them and capture the usage. TurnCafe can be installed in your own infrastructure if needed.
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