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Olivier Anguenot

Hello, I'm a fullstack Web developer with some extra mobile skills living in Strasbourg, France.

I'm specialize in WebRTC and all technologies around real-time communication such as PBX calls, instant messaging, SMS and intelligent bots.

I develop WebRTC applications on my own and help other developers building their applications based on Janus, Freeswitch or other WebRTC server platforms.

In my free time, I swim, cycle and run and try to discover meditation...

Olivier Anguenot

About WebRTC-developers

This website gathers articles and tools around webRTC to share my knowledge and learn the missing parts from the visitors who comment.

By sharing these articles and tools, I hope learning and improving myself to build better software that work and serve users in their daily life. The WebRTC technology closes the gap between people and transform our life!

Want to contact me?

If you want to exchange on any topics around WebRTC, feel free to contact me directly.